Plastic padding

The smart option

T-Röd®, T-Blå®, T-Gul® and T-Grön® are brands that have firmly etched themselves in the people’s hearts and are still very well-known products that are found in many Swedish homes. The T products are a safe choice and are well known for their outstanding high quality.Smart putty products to fix and restore – that’s Plastic Padding. A wide range provides a solution for everything that needs fixing. The areas of use are many and therefore the range is divided into four different categories:

Home – for repairs of most materials in the home.
Marine – for all your boat repair projects, even below the waterline.
Garage – the origin of Plastic Padding, for all repairs in your garage.
Universal – the perfect universal solution for all your DIY challenges.

Use the original to preserve the original

When Gösta Ericson started experimenting with fillers in 1955, he was a real pioneer in his field. His work started the journey of Plastic Padding and the original is still prominent today. Now it is the next generation that uses the products but the purpose is the same, to fix and preserve cars, boats and other mostly loved objects. Fixing and reusing instead of throwing away is just as important today as it was in the past.

For a good result

What doesn’t change over time is the joy of having done it yourself and the pride in it. And best of all is when it is done together and you are happy together about a good result. And a good result is easy to achieve. The products are appreciated for their many excellent properties and advantages: they are easy to use, versatile, quick drying and strong, they do not shrink and easy to finis

Responsible company

Focus on sustainability

Can chemical-technical products and sustainability go hand in hand? That is our objective. Our range is continuously developed with a focus on sustainability, and we do this with both large and small steps along the way. The examples have become many during the journey and more specific information can be found under the heading Sustainability .

Safety Data Sheet

Here you can find the SDS’s for Dutch private label products. For our other products, we would like to refer you to the country-specific websites.

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