AdBlue® is a liquid solution used by selective catalytic reduction (SCR) diesel engines to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.
AdBlue® is used for diesel-powered vehicles all over the world.

The SCR catalytic converter uses AdBlue® to break down soot and unburnt fuel into water and nitrogen, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 80%. Most newly produced diesel vehicles – both heavier vehicles and passenger cars – sold from 1 January 2015 are equipped with SCR technology to meet the standards of the new European Euro 6 emission regulations.

AdBlue® is made from 32.5% technically pure urea and 67.5% demineralized water. The quality and purity of Adblue® are regulated in ISO 22241-1. All AdBlue® products from Kemetyl meet the requirements for purity and quality according to ISO 22241-1.


Regularly check the AdBlue® level.

Regularly check the AdBlue® level in the vehicle’s tank and top up if necessary. AdBlue® is filled in your own tank and not in the fuel tank. The separate tank is usually located next to the fuel tank, but is clearly marked to avoid confusion. We refer to the manual of the car for more information.

Award-winning packaging solution

All Kemetyl AdBlue packs intended for consumer use up to 10L are equipped with an integrated pouring spout to facilitate refilling. Kemetyl’s AdBlue® 1.5L packaging is also equipped with a unique spill-free technology. The applicator is adapted to the filler tube for AdBlue® and is equipped with a start/stop function. This makes it safe and easy for the car owner to manage. Kemetyl won the Dutch Packaging Award 2018 for its innovative and user-friendly design. Kemetyl AdBlue 1.5L complies with ISO 22241, a standard that, in addition to quality requirements, also states the spillage of AdBlue®.

Safety Data Sheet

Here you can find the SDS’s for Dutch private label products. For our other products, we would like to refer you to the country-specific websites.

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