Fuel additives
A significant threat to the fuel system is frequent driving on an almost empty fuel tank. Under these conditions, moisture collects on the walls of the tank. The presence of water contributes to the occurrence of rust, the presence of which in the system is particularly undesirable. Dirt can get into the fuel filter and in the long run can contribute to injector failure.


Fuel additives should be used regularly.

Thanks to them, we can improve the quality of fuel, increasing the protection of the engine. Remember that even when refuelling with high-quality fuel, we cannot guarantee that the fuel and injection systems will be kept in optimal condition.

Deionized water
Deionized water is not only used in car and boat batteries but also in many more technical applications. In addition, Deionized Water is used for dilution of concentrated coolant.

Safety Data Sheet

Here you can find the SDS’s for Dutch private label products. For our other products, we would like to refer you to the country-specific websites.

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