Alkylate Gasoline

Kemetyl has a modern alkylate fuel that both increases performance and extends the life of internal combustion engines.
The engine is kept cleaner and provides more efficient operation and a cleaner combustion with less soot deposits, odors and smoke.

Alkylate Gasoline

The product is particularly suitable for motorized machines.

The product is particularly suitable for motorized machines that are only used parts of the year and are not used for extended periods. Alkylate gasoline is stable, does not deteriorate over time and does not leave deposits that clog the engine. The engine can be started immediately after the off-season, the tank does not need to be emptied and no additives are needed for the gasoline.

The main advantage of Alkylate gasoline is that it is less harmful to health and the environment. An older 2-stroke outboard engine running on regular gasoline emits significantly more harmful exhaust gases than it does if running on alkylate gasoline. Alkylate gasoline is also not as toxic to aquatic organisms.

Safety Data Sheet

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