Antifreeze Nature prevents frost and ice formation in water systems exposed to frost during winter storage. Antifreeze Nature additionally protects against bad odors that occur in these systems.


Antifreeze Nature is based on monopropylene glycol

Antifreeze Nature is based on monopropylene glycol and has a very low toxicity compared to traditional coolants based on ethylene glycol. It is therefore suitable for use in environments where there is a risk of leakage of coolant in nature. The product contains no additives and the liquid is odorless.

Antifreeze Nature is advantageously used as an anti-freeze in winter storage in, for example, the summer cottage, caravan, motorhome, bus and boat. The product is an excellent anti-freeze protection for winter storage of water-cooled engines. Antifreeze Nature can be used in plumbing systems to prevent frost in pipes, sewers, water locks, toilets and water tanks. In addition, Antifrost Natur protects against bad odors from floor drains and drains.

Safety Data Sheet

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