Plastic Padding

The Origin of Plastic Padding.

When Gösta Ericson began experimenting with fillers in 1955, he was a real pioneer in his field. His work began Plastic Padding’s journey and the original is still outstanding today. Now it is the next generation that uses the products but the purpose is the same, to fix and preserve cars, boats and other most often beloved objects. Fixing and reusing instead of throwing away is just as important today as it used to be.

Plastic Padding

The products are appreciated for their many excellent properties and advantages.

They are easy to use, versatile, quick-drying and strong, they do not shrink, as well as smooth to finish.
For all the heavy repairs on your car, bike and motorcycle in your garage. Fixes bigger holes as well as smaller dents.


Products for all repairs in the home. The category offers easy-to-use products for most common materials in the home. Even for flexible substrates.


For all your repair projects – even below the waterline. For damage to boats and surfboards, choose a product from the Marine category.

Safety Data Sheet

Here you can find the SDS’s for Dutch private label products. For our other products, we would like to refer you to the country-specific websites.

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