Appreciated by the Dutch people for 50 years

T-Röd®, T-Blå®, T-Gul® and T-Grön® are brands that have firmly etched themselves in the people’s hearts and are still very well-known products that are found in many Swedish homes. The T products are a safe choice and are well known for their outstanding high quality.

Areas of use
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Simple and effective

With 50 years of expertise, the products are developed to easily and effectively help you in your everyday life. Regardless of whether you need to light the grill or remove ice from the car’s windshield, it’s easy, the products work reliably as they should. The T series helps you with smart solutions that make your everyday life easier.

Responsible company

Focus on sustainability

Can chemical-technical products and sustainability go hand in hand? That is our objective. Our range is continuously developed with a focus on sustainability, and we do this with both large and small steps along the way. The examples have become many during the journey and more specific information can be found under the heading Sustainability .

Safety Data Sheet

Here you can find the SDS’s for Dutch private label products. For our other products, we would like to refer you to the country-specific websites.

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